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Jazz 2007-2008 Season Results, Scores, & Stats

May 31st, 2008 by Jay

Check out all of the Jazz 2007-2008 scores using this Schmap widget.

You can change the view by clicking on “Map” or “Stats” near the bottom of the widget. Or you can scroll through the games by clicking the little arrows at the bottom.

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Great Season

May 26th, 2008 by Ben

What a wild and tumultuous season that was. I am very proud of our Jazz for what they accomplished as a team. Jazz plan’s for next season: Don’t plan your freaking vacations before the season is over i.e. AK47!! Keep your heads in the game and finish strong. 2009 NBA Championship here we come!!!

P.S. “Don’t stop believing” in Boozer! He is young… He was not very good his first couple years at Duke, but finished strong later on! Don\’t Stop Believin\’

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Welcome to The Jazz!

May 25th, 2008 by Jay

Welcome to The Jazz!

This site is dedicated to every Jazz fan who can never have enough up-to-date Jazz news. As well as every Jazz fan who wished that there was a simple, single, thorough resource to gather and share news, articles, analysis, and opinions about our beloved Jazz.

The site news and content will be provided by me, Jay Clouser, and site partner Ben Gregory. As well as an occasional contributor. For a short bio on us:

Jay Clouser


I was born in Layton, UT and grew up there until I was 18 when I moved to Cedar City, UT to attend Southern Utah University. I played Junior Jazz all growing up, and have loved the Jazz since I was old enough to fall in love with the sport of basketball. I practiced dunking since 7th grade on my 7-foot adjustable hoop in my backyard. As a senior in high school, at 6′ tall I finally dunked a 10′ hoop. For proof: White men CAN jump. I am beginning to dabble in the waters of internet marketing, and would like to move to the beach and retire within a year or so. 🙂 But no matter where I live, I will always make time for the Jazz. [Mill-WHO?]

Ben Gregory


I was born in Bellevue, Washington, but was raised for the majority of my life in Kaysville, Utah. I have been a Jazz fan since my first year of playing Jr. Jazz, which was in first grade. I am still bitter about “his greatness” Air Jordan PUSHING off of Russell so long ago. I am currently living in Cedar City, Utah attending Southern Utah University where I am pursuing an Athletic Training Degree. My beautiful and amazing wife, Jessica is working on her Nursing Degree at the same college. [Mill-SAP!!!]

Our goal is to get you any and all Jazz news as fast as possible, while keeping all news as accurate as possible. We will also strive to keep all of our editorial posts based on facts, and to explain any stance we may take with sound reasoning, whereas to just say “The Lakers suck because of lack of skill and they’re morons” wouldn’t be a very compelling argument.

We would also like to be able to provide conversation-provoking topics (NOT ARGUMENT TOPICS). We ask that all comments remain polite, and no name-calling, please – we graduated first grade a while ago. Please provide reasons when stating your difference of opinions.

Please add us to your favorites, so you can check back often. If you have any ideas for topics of discussion, for the site, or any news we haven’t picked up on yet, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Go JAZZ!!! 2009 NBA Champs!

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