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JAZZ MVP Rankings – Vol. 1

November 30th, 2008 by Jay

The Jazz has finished Volume 1 of their original series “Jazz Player MVP Rankings.” Every Sunday we will rank every Jazz player from 1-15 based on how valuable they are to the Jazz based on how they are playing so far this year. Think of it as a player “power rankings”. The rankings and comments are the opinions of the staff, so we would love to hear your comments! Please keep them civil. 🙂

On to the Rankings….
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The Jazz Junkies Power Rankings & Jazz MVP Rankings!

November 29th, 2008 by Jay

Just a heads up: The Jazz will be releasing their own version of the NBA Power Rankings. We will try to be as objective, fair, and thorough as possible, but as huge Jazz fans, they may have a Jazz-bias at times as well as be less knowledgeable about some of the lower 15 NBA teams.

Along with the Power Rankings, also look out for a The Jazz Junkies original, Utah Jazz Player MVP Rankings. We will be ranking each Utah Jazz player from 1-15 on how important they have been to the Jazz so far this season. Taken into account will be stats, leadership, impact with them on the floor, durability, consistency, etc.

We will try our

best to release each of these every Sunday. So stay tuned…. and if you haven’t signed up for The Jazz Junkies newsletter – do it! Go Jazz!

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