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Thoughts on Brewer Trade, Knicks Pick

February 23rd, 2010 by Jay

Wow, it’s been since the summer since either of us slackers (Ben and myself) have posted anything – even throughout this tumultuous season which I have been following every game of! I was responding to a comment on the post that describes how we got the Knicks draft pick this year, and it got me talking about the possibilities and also about the controversial Brewer trade. I thought I’d copy some of it here and expand on it a little.

First, what to think of the Ronnie Brewer trade for nothing but a future 1st round pick from the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Does this improve the Jazz? For now or the future? Did it hurt them? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons and then I’ll share my opinion:


(1) Jazz save several million dollars – Brewer’s salary, doubled because of the dollar for dollar luxury tax.
(2) Jazz get a future 1st round draft pick from the Grizz. Will it be used on another player? Or coupled with something else to acquire a much better draft pick or player?
(3) Jazz wing players AK, Wes Matthews, Kyle Korver, and CJ Miles all get more minutes, more experience and should be happier and improve with the added playing time.
(4) Jazz get SOMEthing in return for Brewer, who was somewhat likely to leave for nothing in free agency because he and the Jazz were apparently far off in new contract negotiations.
(5) Jazz don’t lose much because the play of Matthews and AK had made Brewer, and his lack of shooting expendable.


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