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Open Letter to Paul Millsap… and his agents

July 19th, 2009 by Ben

Dear Paul,

I think I speak for the majority of Jazz fans by saying, “We’re very glad that you are staying here with us!”  The Jazz and its fan-base are excited to see you come back and bring your unique skill set to the court for the next few years.  Many have called your work ethic as “going beyond what is expected” and we are grateful for that.  Your rebounding skills, and willingness to go out and give 110% each game is an excellent example not only to other NBA players, but to all fans and those that play the game.

As fans, we only have a couple of humble requests to ask of you…  We are not ordering you to do these things, just consider them as your continue your amazing career with the Jazz: Read the rest of this entry »

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NBA Power Rankings Vol. 1

December 1st, 2008 by Jay

The Jazz would like to present

their own version of the NBA Power Rankings.  I had listed that they will be released on Sundays, but Ben or I will probably create them after Sunday night’s games, so watch for them as early as Sunday, but probably on Mondays.

As written in the disclaimer, we are Jazz fans, we don’t follow really any other team.  So the opinion, analysis, and commentary on any other team is often a researched, but educated guess, or mere observation.  I try to be as factual, informative, and as objective as possible, but at the very least, I am hoping that this version of the Power Rankings will be interesting and entertaining for everyone.

On to the Rankings…..  (click “Read the rest of this entry” then click on the link at the bottom)


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Ben’s Rocky Moutain Revue Analysis Part 1

July 26th, 2008 by Ben

The Rocky Mountain Revue was a blast!  I only was able to go for two of the nights (hopefully next year I’ll be able to go to more), but I also have been able to watch plenty of the games/highlights on t.v.  That being said, I have many comments and opinions about many of the rookies/second year players that played for the Jazz and also a couple opinions about other teams’ players.  Because I have several notes and analysis, I am going to break the posts up my on this blog into a few segments…  So here is part 1of Ben’s Rocky Mountain Revue analysis. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thank Goodness CJ Was Signed!

July 26th, 2008 by Ben

I know that I will be criticized by many for believing this, but I am truly glad that the Jazz matched the offer that C.J. Miles was offered, and that Miles will be staying with the Jazz.

Yes C.J. is Read the rest of this entry »

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Rocky Mountain Revue Day 1

July 22nd, 2008 by Ben

Jay and I were finally able to go to the Rocky Mountain Revue yesterday, (Monday).. and it was a blast!!  The game we were able to view was against the Iranian team.  They performed decent but still got rocked by the Jazz.  Some of the more veteran/expected to be great players i.e. Almond, Koufos, looked Read the rest of this entry »

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Deron Williams signs 3 year possible 4 year extension.

July 19th, 2008 by Ben

The Utah Jazz and Deron Williams agreed to a 3 year/approximately 50 million dollar deal with the possibility of extending to a 4 year deal for another 20 million.  We as Jazz Junkies could not be any happier, especially with Boozer and Okur becoming free agents next year.  Williams has expressed his excitement to be with the Jazz and hopes to win the Championship in the near future.

As much as I would have liked to see him sign for a little more time, I believe that this signing was smart on Deron’s part.  I really do believe that the Jazz have a chance to win the next NBA championship, and possibly go two year consecutive.  If I were Deron, I would Read the rest of this entry »

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Should the Jazz trade Harpring?

June 14th, 2008 by Ben

With Harpring undergoing surgery to replace two bone spurs in his right ankle, some Jazz fans like myself are questioning his age and his future use for the Jazz… So with that, comes the question: Should the Jazz trade Matt Harpring??

The Pros of the trade are as follows:  He is aging as the oldest player on the Jazz at 32, he has a bum knee that has bothered him as of recent years, recent ankle surgery means possible more injuries to come, spotty play meaning that some games he is excellent and others not so much… and the list could go on…

As for the Cons of trading Matt Harpring:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Roy Hibbert, Possible missing piece to the Jazz Championship Puzzle

June 11th, 2008 by Ben

Although the Finals are currently being shown on T.V. (Go Boston!)  Many of us Jazz fans feel cheated and feel like with the Jazz out of contention, the NBA season is over.  I am one of those people, although out of my love for sports I am still watching the Finals.  I mean, honestly I really do dislike the Lakers on so many levels and want the Celtics to win, but wouldn’t the Finals be so much better if it were a Jazz/Celtics championship??  With that feeling of the season being over, comes the excitement of the 2008 draft.

The Utah Jazz are currently looking at many prospects to see which player will best fit the Jazz and their future plans.  One thing that is very noticeable is that most of the people they’re looking into are power forwards and centers.  I couldn’t agree more with this need as we do have a few big men for our team, but the Jazz need one more big man that can really put the hurt on other big players in the league, and help push the Jazz into the NBA Championship.

Of all of the candidates, which include in no particular order, DeVon Hardin (Cal), Sasha Kaun (Kansas), Roy Hibbert (Georgetown), Brian Butch (Wisconsin), and an Australian Native Nathan Jawai, I would definitely choose Roy Hibbert.  This is player that comes from a team with prestige and a great record of wins.  Georgetown as of late has faired well in not only their conference but also in the “Big Dance”  Roy Hibbert, is a player that would bring that much needed missing egg to the Jazz’s Championship Dozen.  Aside from being 7’2″ and a great player underneath the basket, he also fairs well at shooting from outside.  One particular attribute that I like about him his aggressiveness.   The Jazz need another player like Paul Millsap, who fights for rebounds with no fear!  If we had two players out their with that caliber of talent and play, we could finally have the much needed “inside” presence player who could help the Jazz for many years to come.

I am very excited for the Jazz and their future.  I am also excited for this year’s draft.  Lets all cross our fingers and hope that no other teams picks up this diamond among the rocks (Hibbert)

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NBA: National BETTING Association?

June 5th, 2008 by Jay

This has been on my mind for a few weeks now, and I’m just going to vent for a second. I’m not trying to go all “conspiracy theory,” but after feeling so outraged at many of the bull-$*&# calls that were made against the Jazz in this year’s playoffs, I began to notice some things.

First, I did a little research and discovered that the last 28 NBA Championships have been won by ONLY 8 TEAMS! I can name them, but I’ll let people post them in comments if you know them. And after the Jazz lost, and cheering for the Hornets to beat the Spurs (I hate them so much!), the Spurs ended up winning anyways, making the Final Four: Spurs, Lakers, Pistons, Celtics. All 4 are part of those 8 teams! How can I even watch the Finals knowing that it will just be another team that always wins? This is why I’m cheering for the Celtics. At least they haven’t won since the 80’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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Great Season

May 26th, 2008 by Ben

What a wild and tumultuous season that was. I am very proud of our Jazz for what they accomplished as a team. Jazz plan’s for next season: Don’t plan your freaking vacations before the season is over i.e. AK47!! Keep your heads in the game and finish strong. 2009 NBA Championship here we come!!!

P.S. “Don’t stop believing” in Boozer! He is young… He was not very good his first couple years at Duke, but finished strong later on! Don\’t Stop Believin\’

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