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What should the Jazz do?

July 13th, 2009 by Ben

There has been a lot of Utah Jazz news lately dealing with many shifts in contracts and with players on the current Jazz roster.  The largest issue right now is whether the Jazz should keep Paul Millsap, or not.

Out of all of the arguments and articles that I have read about the Jazz and Paul Millsap, really, I see only one of two possible scenarios.

First, they could match the recent contract proposed by Portland Trailblazers, of around 32 million/4 year/10.3 upfront contract.  By doing this, we get to keep our current backup power forward, who has potential to become a starter.  But by signing him to this contract, this puts the Jazz into the dreaded luxury tax threshold, where basically they would have to pay millions of dollars in taxes in order to remain within the NBA regulations.

Making this decision has two parts to it.  One, they could relieve some cap space by trading a player (such as Carlos Boozer) for a player with a lower salary or make a shift with other players in

trades or other outcomes.  Or two, just pay the tax and swallow your losses.

The second option, let the Blazers have Millsap, keep Boozer for his final season with the Jazz, and hope that other players such as Fesenko or Koufos step up and become the PF/C’s that the Jazz need in order to be a great team.

In my opinion, I think the Jazz should come up with the money and match for Millsap to stay with the Jazz.  Although, Millsap is short, he’s a scrapper.  He brings a presence to the court that demands others to excel and try their hardest.  Millsap needs to learn to become a better shooter though.  I know there are people within the coaching staff that can help him with that.  The NBA is not very loaded with PF’s let alone good PF’s that make an immediate impact to a team.  Keep Millsap!

What do you think?  Leave your (constructive) comments/arguments/opinions in the comment section of this article.

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1 response about “What should the Jazz do?”

  1. Jay said:

    Millsap has shown great promise that he can be an all-star, starting power forward in this league. However, I am also a little nervouse whether he can hold up as a starter for the length of a physical season – he got injured for the first time in his career, and then struggled some after a while.
    However, I believe he will get stronger and better, and be better prepared to handle a full season, so yes, I agree we should keep him. There is a reason I bought his jersey his rooke year even before I bought a D-will jersey – one can’t help but love his passion, and relentless hustle.
    Also, while letting him AND Boozer go COULD work out better, it’s a MUCH more risky option. $8 million/year is what Millsap has earned here in Utah!

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