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2010 NBA Free Agent Class Loaded – Also 2009

December 26th, 2008 by Jay

With all of the talk about Carlos Boozer and his contract/free agency options, and all of the talk about Lebron James and the rest of the 2010 free agent class, I thought I would take a look at who all will be available in that 2010 offseason.  Any players the Jazz might likely look at?

First of all, let’s take a look at what things will or could affect whether the Jazz have roster spots or salary space for any of the 2010 free agents:

1- Carlos Boozer is opting out at the end of this season (may or may not re-sign with the Jazz)

2- Mehmet Okur can choose to opt out at the end of this season

3- Paul Millsap will be a restricted free agent, meaning he can sign with another team, but the Jazz can match the offer and keep him

4- Kyle Korver can also opt out at the end of this season

5- Jarron Collins is a free agent after this season

6- Ronnie Price is a free agent after this season

7- Brevin Knight is a free agent after this season

8- Matt Harpring will be a free agent after next (’09-’10) season

9- Morris Almond is free to sign with any other team at the end of this season

10- The Jazz may or may not exercise their option on Kyrylo Fesenko’s contract at the end of this season

11- Also, the Jazz will have their draft pick(s) this offseason, as well as 2 players from last year’s draft from overseas that they have the rights to

12- Don’t forget the Jazz get the New York Knicks draft pick next summer 2010 unprotected.  More details on that in my next piece…

All that said, it is very possible that the Jazz may have several roster positions needing to filled by 2010 and could also have a decent amount of cap space.  They will still have Kirilenko’s expensive contract through the 2010-2011 season, they signed Deron Williams to a deserving contract, and they may or may not re-sign the players listed above.  Also listed below the Loaded 2010 Free Agent list is the also talented 2009 Free Agent List.  On to the Free Agent list:

First, I must give credit to the website I borrowed this information from:

First up, let’s start with the stars whose contracts expire following the 2009-2010 season and will then become honest-to-goodness free agents:

Joe Johnson
Ray Allen
Manu Ginobili
Marcus Camby
Tracey McGrady
Shaquille O’Neal
Brad Miller
Stephen Jackson
Jermaine O’Neal
Mike Miller
Rip Hamilton

The next grouping is those players that are signed thru 2011, but can opt out in 2010 if they so choose:
Amare Stoudamire (owed 17.7 million in 10/11)
LeBron James (owed 17.2 million in 10/11)
Dwayne Wade (owed 17.0 million

in 10/11)
Chris Bosh (owed 17.1 million in 10/11)
Dirk Nowitzki (owed $21.5 million in 10/11)
Josh Howard (owed $11.8 million in 10/11)
Mike Redd (owed $18.3 million in 10/11)
Tyson Chandler (owed $12.8 million in 10/11)

This next list consists of contracts that are set to expire in 2010, but the player may choose to opt-out following the 2008-2009 season:
Steve Nash (owed $13.1 million in 09-10)
Carlos Boozer (owed $12.7 million in 09-10)
Chris Paul (owed $6 million in 09-10 / almost certain to sign an extension before becoming unrestricted)
Memo Okur (owed $9.0 million in 09-10)
Hedo Turkoglu (owed $7.4 million in 09-10)
In addition to the superstars listed above, these ‘second-tier’ players are set to hit the open market as well:
Ben Wallace
Larry Hughes
Zydrunas Ilgauskas (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Anderson Varejao (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Al Harrington
Darko Milicic
Udonis Haslem
Jamal Crawford (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Eddy Curry (option to opt-out after 09/10 season)
Amir Johnson
Derek Fisher
Raja Bell
T.J. Ford (player option – owed $8.5 million in 10/11)
Travis Outlaw
Bruce Bowen
Earl Watson
Luke Ridnour
Matt Harpring
Quentin Richardson
Damien Wilkins

We also must include the list of players that will actually eventually have value due solely to the fact their contracts come off the books in the summer of 2010:
Jerome James (proof that Isiah Thomas knew what he was doing all along!)
Cuttino Mobley
Brendan Haywood
Tim Thomas
Brian Cardinal
Antonio Davis
Mark Blount
Bobby Simmons
Troy Hudson
Darius Miles
Kenny Thomas
Shareef Abdul-Rahim
Matt Bonner
Etan Thomas

Last, but not least, we have the 2006 Draft Class. These players will all be restricted free-agents in 2010, if they haven’t already been inked to extensions:
Brandon Roy
Rudy Gay
LaMarcus Aldridge
Andrea Bargnani
Rajon Rondo
Tyrus Thomas
Kyle Lowry
Randy Foye
Marcus Williams
Josh Boone
Renaldo Balkman
Sergio Rodriguez
Ronnie Brewer

Here is the Free Agent class of 2009:  Credit goes to Chad Ford at ESPN.

Group I: The “Big 10” ETO or Player Option candidates

1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers (ETO)
2. Carlos Boozer, Jazz (PO)
3. Richard Hamilton, Pistons (ETO)
Jermaine O’Neal, Raptors (PO)
Mehmet Okur, Jazz (ETO)
Okur is also an unlikely candidate to opt out of his contract. He, too, would struggle to find more money on the open market. Like some of the other players on the list, his goal is to work out an extension.
6. Hedo Turkoglu, Magic (ETO)
Jamal Crawford, Knicks (ETO)
Eddy Curry, Knicks (ETO)
9. Anderson Varejao, Cavs (PO)
10. Al Harrington, Warriors (PO)
Other notables: Kyle Korver, Jazz (ETO); Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Cavs (ETO); Ricky Davis, Clippers (PO); Kwame Brown, Pistons (PO); Etan Thomas, Wizards (ETO); Mark Blount, Heat (ETO). Group II: The restricted free agents

So far, only three players from the draft class of 2005 — Andrew Bogut, Chris Paul and Deron Williams — have signed extensions.

1. Andrew Bynum, Lakers
2. Danny Granger, Pacers
3. Marvin Williams, Hawks
4. David Lee, Knicks
5. Josh Childress, Hawks
6. Raymond Felton, Bobcats
7. Charlie Villanueva, Bucks
8. Channing Frye, Blazers
9. Nenad Krstic, Nets
10. Rashad McCants, Timberwolves
Other notables: Jason Maxiell, Pistons; Nate Robinson, Knicks; Sean May, Bobcats; Martell Webster, Blazers; Linas Kleiza, Nuggets; Hakim Warrick, Grizzlies; Jarrett Jack, Pacers; Francisco Garcia; Kings; Luther Head, Rockets; Ramon Sessions, Bucks; Johan Petro, Thunder; Ike Diogu, Blazers; Jamario Moon, Raptors; Glen Davis, Celtics; Leon Powe, Celtics.

Group III: The real, honest-to-goodness unrestricted free agents

1. Shawn Marion, Heat
2. Allen Iverson, Nuggets
3. Ron Artest, Rockets
4. Lamar Odom, Lakers
5. Rasheed Wallace, Pistons
6. Jason Kidd, Mavericks
7. Andre Miller, Sixers
8. Chris Wilcox, Thunder
9. Mike Bibby, Hawks
10. Drew Gooden, Bulls
Other notables: Trevor Ariza, Lakers; Anthony Parker, Raptors; Zaza Pachulia, Hawks; Jeff Foster, Pacers; Brandon Bass, Mavs; Marquis Daniels, Pacers; Wally Szczerbiak, Cavs; Joe Smith, Thunder; Stephon Marbury, Knicks; Grant Hill, Suns; Stromile Swift, Nets; Robert Swift, Thunder; Rasho Nesterovic, Pacers; Keith Bogans, Magic; Jason Williams, Clippers; Bobby Jackson, Kings; Damon Jones, Bucks; Desmond Mason, Thunder; Chris Mihm, Lakers; Jason Collins, Timberwolves; Jarron Collins, Jazz

That’s a lot of players!  There’s a lot of things that may control what the 2010-2011 Jazz team will look like.  But in my opinion, I feel that it’s likely the Jazz will lose Boozer, sign Millsap to a long contract, keep Okur with a contract extension, and possibly try to land a big free agent in 2010, like Chris Bosh or somebody.  Only time will tell.  Could be interesting though. I hope the Jazz find a right mix of keeping enough players, and adding enough pieces to get us over the hump to win a Championship!

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