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Open Letter to Paul Millsap… and his agents

July 19th, 2009 by Ben

Dear Paul,

I think I speak for the majority of Jazz fans by saying, “We’re very glad that you are staying here with us!”  The Jazz and its fan-base are excited to see you come back and bring your unique skill set to the court for the next few years.  Many have called your work ethic as “going beyond what is expected” and we are grateful for that.  Your rebounding skills, and willingness to go out and give 110% each game is an excellent example not only to other NBA players, but to all fans and those that play the game.

As fans, we only have a couple of humble requests to ask of you…  We are not ordering you to do these things, just consider them as your continue your amazing career with the Jazz:

First, keep up the good work.  We feel that your effort given in each game is quite a spectacle, and as you continue to bust your butt each day, let that talent spread to the other Jazz players, especially our rookies i.e. (Maynor, Fesenko, Koufos)

Second, let the coaches do their job.  Although he does not own a championship ring, Jerry Sloan is a legend.  He will continue to teach you things that will not only help you with basketball but with life in general.  We know that you want to be a starter and God knows you are very capable of that, but if the coaching

staff decides that you are not quite ready to start, don’t balk at their decision.  Keep your humble attitude and just go with the flow.  The Jazz just resigned you, so I wouldn’t worry about getting your minutes.

Third, please don’t lose your heart.  Once again, you just signed a huge deal with the Jazz and will be playing for them for at least 4 years, and hopefully many more.  Please don’t let this go to your head!!  One of the things most people write about you is your amazing attitude toward the game of basketball.  You have proven yourself as a hard worker, and as someone that always gives their all when they play.  Don’t become like so many stars today that sign huge deals like yours, and then just become complacent with the game.  Keep your head in the game, and show the world that you are someone that always tries their hardest.

And finally, lose your agents!  We mean absolutely no offense to your family at all.  Family is very special thing to most in Utah, and we respect yours, but seriously hire some new agents.  One of the oldest adages in business is “to never go into business with family.”  Rarely, if ever, has this phenomenon worked, and it’s not working for you.  There were several quotes given by your agents these past couple weeks that were not only arrogant, but just plain offensive.  They, at times, made themselves and you look like some kind of greedy, selfish player, and we know that you are better than that.  It is hard to see this right now, but you should respect the Jazz and their recent wait on matching your offer.  The NBA and Jazz organization are businesses.  They run and act like a business.  The Jazz were in no way trying to offend you by holding out, but were just (like a business) weighing all of their options.  Many of the comments regarding the Jazz by your agents were flat out rude and quite ignorant.  Get new agents!  We are sure that there are plenty of great agents out there that would love to represent you and help you along your career.

Thanks again for your efforts and example!  We are really looking forward to see you play and will cheer extra hard when you’re on the court.  Keep up the great work!


All Utah Jazz Fans

(Jay, the other Jazz Junkies owner contributed some thoughts and ideas to this article while we were discussing this topic.)

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