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Carlos Boozer WILL opt out. Let him go??

December 18th, 2008 by Jay

 It has been reported that Carlos Boozer told a member of the media that he “is opting out no matter what” at the end of the season.  He also said

that he is getting a raise regardless, and it is what he thinks is the best move for him at this point.  A member of Jazz management called the timing of his statement “peculiar” and that Boozer had not told him or the Jazz of his decision yet.

  I completely agree that the timing of his decision is peculiar!  He’s missed 15 straight games with an injury most thought would only cause him to miss about 5, while his replacement, fan favorite Paul Millsap has filled in with 13 consecutive double-doubles.  I certainly feel that the Jazz are a better team with Boozer in the line-up, and I’d love to be able to keep him AND Millsap at season’s end. 

  HOWEVER, Boozer has only played in 70% of his games with the Jazz and Millsap has yet to miss ONE game in the 2.5 years since the Jazz drafted him late in the second round.  He hustles, fights, and plays hard EVERY game, and it seems he always is getting hurt.  Millsap is only in his THIRD year, and is currently making less than anyone else on the Jazz roster (refer to Jazz Salaries link).  Even Kyrylo Fesenko makes more than Millsap.  The rest of the league has seen what Millsap can do, and unfortunately, while still shouldering Kirilenko’s big contract, I don’t think we can keep both Boozer and Millsap.

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  That said, I think the Jazz will, and should stick with Millsap.  He can get his well-deserved huge raise (which will assuredly be less than Boozer would want), and we can watch Millsap bloom into

the Jazz’s new starting Power Forward, while having some money to add other pieces to play for a championship… pieces who care more about playing hard and winning than having millions to spend on fancy suits to wear while “injured”.

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