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July 15th, 2009 by Ben

It has been a constant he said/they said relationship with the Utah Jazz and starting Power Forward Carlos Boozer for the past couple months.  To tell you honestly, I am sick of it!  Don’t get me wrong Carlos Boozer is a great player, but seriously, get over yourself, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out of Utah.

From the start of the relationship between the Jazz and Boozer, to the current time, it seems to me that Boozer has always been about the money.  He is a good player.  His stats and track record prove that.  But seriously, stop caring about yourself/money and start caring for your team.  He ditched the Cleveland Cavaliers for money, went on national television and said he deserved more money, and opted in to his last year of his contract with the Jazz, for money (the most he obviously could get from any of the 32 teams in the NBA.)


Recently reported that Carlos Boozer said that he was no longer a part of the Utah Jazz’s plans.  Kevin O’Conner (GM) has yet to respond to these allegations, but I couldn’t agree more with this move by the Jazz.  Basketball is a team sport, and you need everyone on the team to work toward the goal of getting a championship, not making more money!  Look at the Lakers of this year, and the Celtics of last year.  Yes, they both have arrogant stars on their teams, but… when it comes down to wire, they all play as a team for the championship!

Boozer needs to be humbled!  Again, he is talented.  He has made the all-star team and was on the recent USA Olympic basketball team.  I also really like his posting-up moves and he does have a great jump-shot.  But are these talents really worth the bad attitude that he is constantly showing the world?

In my opinion, his arrogance and selfish ways overshadow his talents as a player and teammate.  Also let’s not forget his constant injuries that have plagued him his whole career.  Message to the Jazz management: Trade Boozer asap, take someone else with only a year on their contract but that requires less money, and most importantly, get someone that is not all about the money and wants to contribute to the Team!

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